4’x8′ Portable Panel
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4’x8′ Portable Turf Panel (Interlocking)

Traditional carpet systems are based on manufacturing artificial surfaces in rolls that require special equipment for handling as well as glue and in-fill for installation. Our panel system breaks that tradition by using a modular system, which consists in manufacturing ready-to-assemble four-by-eight-foot panels (1.2 X 2.4 meters) that easily fit together thanks to overlapping fastener linings.

This major innovation, along with the lightweight materials used, allows for easier transportation and installation, as well as more flexibility for converting the playing area into usable space for special events. As a matter of fact, a team of ten workers can install or remove an entire field in about 24 hours. The same panels can be used both indoors and outdoors, providing even more adaptability and potential cost savings. The panel system is also efficient for drainage, ensuring that the surface remains playable in any weather.

Another benefit of the modular design is to provide much more maintenance flexibility than carpet-like surfaces. For example, panels can easily be rotated annually or semi-annually to ensure a regular wear rate across the field. If part of the surface becomes damaged for any reason, an individual panel can simply be removed, repaired and replaced.

Depending on the budget and the needs, the Event is available in its original version designed for maximum playability and heavy use or in the Event Sport version with shorter pile height and a softer shock pad for lighter uses.


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